Age of Arcadia (x Insidead), is a Thrash Metal Band with greek folk influences hailing from Berlin(DE), Athens(GR), Roma (IT).

The members ( as Age of Arcadia and X Insidead ) have played numerous live concerts, supporting bands like: Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Ektomorf, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, God Dethroned, Evil Invaders, Debauchery, Axxis Nightrage, e.t.c. and have taken part in worldwide known festivals like : Wacken Open Air, ‪Metal Diver Fest, ‪Metal Frenzy Open Air, Rock Wave Open Air, Rocking Under the Rocks, Burgbrand Open Air e.t.c. in countries like : Germany, Russia, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands.

On February 2018 the band released its debut album “Eleysis“. The album was produced in Athens at ” In the Core Media ” & ” Music Art Lab ” Studios and mixed & mastered in L.A., California by Logan Mader ( Soulfly, Gojira, Once Human, Bullet from my Valentine, Fear Factory, Asking Alexandriaand many more ) .

Age of Arcadia draw their inspiration from subjects like mythology, cosmogony, philosophy and history of the ancient Greeks, promoting the ecumenical ancient Greek civilization and the great Arcadian Idea.